Formatting Services

Ayrelon Press offers Formatting services, whether or not you are publishing through our imprint. The price of these services vary, depending on the complexity of your request, how prepared you are with any additional features (such as chapter header images), and how many formats you want produced. 

About our Formatting Services

Formatting is performed through use of two pieces of software depending on what you are trying to produce. E-books are done using Atticus, and all print is accomplished using Affinity Publisher, for better results and control. We offer these services not because they are impossible to learn, but to help those who find these pieces of software daunting, or do not have access to a computer system where they can be installed. We do, in fact, provide training videos to help you learn these processes on your own. These services are not how we make our money, and we are more than happy to help you accomplish these things for yourself whenever time permits. 

Standard Formatting Services

Optional / Special Formatting

* All fonts must be Fair Use, 100% Free, or you must provide proof of license

** All images must be licensed by the Author

*** Author assumes all legal burden for fonts and images

**** All cover images must be supplied (PSD, AFPhoto, or other project file) 

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