About Us

Ayrelon Press was initially established as a DBA in late 2020 by R.L. Parker as the publishing imprint for his written works. In 2023, that DBA was converted into an LLC to officially invite his editor, and wife, on board to help run the business and provide contracted editing services to other authors.

As of this time, Ayrelon Press LLC only publishes works considered canon to the fictional world Ayrelon. Although, this premise may change in the future as R.L. and K.D.'s social popularity continues to grow in the indie author space. For now, only R.L.'s works have thus far been published by Ayrelon Press, but there are at least two up-and-coming authors who might create their own stories on Ayrelon, and take a stab at becoming Ayrelon Press-published authors.

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R.L. Parker, Owner, Author

R.L. Parker, aka Rick, founded Ayrelon Press LLC to publish novels set on his fictional world Ayrelon. He has a deep passion for epic and dark fantasy, with a hints of horror and supernatural thriller elements. Beyond writing, he spends a great deal of his time creating content for, and directly helping, other authors achieve their dreams on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Discord.


K.D. Parker, Editor in Chief

K.D. Parker, aka Kris, first became an editor to aid R.L. Parker in his publishing efforts. However, after word of her editing prowess made its way to social media, her skills have been leveraged so fast to assist other authors in their journey that her calendar is often completely full. She prides herself on helping authors release high quality stories, featuring their own voice, so that their stories can captivate waiting audiences. While Ayrelon Press LLC does not publish many of these authors, she gives each project just as much effort as if their work had our imprint on their cover.