Editing Services

Ayrelon Press offers Professional Editing services, whether or not you are publishing through our imprint. The price of these services vary, depending on Word Count, Quality of Self Editing, and other complexity factors. Our team of editors prides themselves on helping Indie Authors produce top quality, at a fair price! 

About our Editing Services

Our editors do it all, in two passes. Proof-reading, line editing, copy editing and SPAG, we cover it all. The first pass is in-depth and very detail oriented. The second pass happens after the author revises and is a skim through for final changes. Our goal is to make the book publish ready, without all the fuss.

Rates are based upon the scope of work. Scope is determined by both the size of the document (word count), and the complexity of the editing required. The more time you spend self-editing beforehand, the cheaper our services become. Prices range from $0.01 to $0.03 per word *.

** Ask about our debut author discount. **

How It Works / Our Process

We perform Copy, Line and Developmental Editing all in one pass. This gives you the biggest back for the buck, and quickest results while achieving the best quality. Your voice is key to the success of your work, and we will never make changes to your manuscript directly. If you need additional coaching due to processing/reading disorder, such as dyslexia, we’ve got you covered! Our editors are experienced in helping such authors succeed.

Step 1 - Submit the form at the bottom of this page.
Step 2 - You will be contacted within 1 - 3 business days to have a candid conversation, over email, phone, or social media of your choosing.
Step 3 - Once all parties agree to move forward, you will be sent an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your written work.
Step 4 - After that is signed, our staff will create a Google Drive folder for all future collaboration.
Step 5 - You will be asked to upload your entire manuscript to that folder.
Step 6 - Our Chief Editor will then ask any/all editors with time slots available to produce a sample edit for your review. This sample will be completed using either your prologue, or first chapter up to 8,000 words.
Step 7 - Once the sample has been completed, it will be returned to you through that shared folder.
Step 8 - You may then review the returned edits, and style, of any and all contributing editors.
Step 9 - Should you find a sample that resonates with you, our Chief Editor will draft a Contract for all parties to sign.
Step 10 - Once signed, an Invoice will be issued. After the agreed up-front cost has been paid, editing work will begin and will then continue at whatever pay / portion intervals were agreed upon in your contract.

You, the Author, are responsible for incorporating the feedback of your Editor into your own work. Our editors work in suggestion mode, and will never change your work directly. After you have incorporated all edits, in your own way, to your entire work, you can submit your manuscript back in its entirety for a second polishing pass by the same editor.

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